Lance Orlovsky

Human Male, Fighter, Noble


A man of average height and lean but muscular build, Lance would not cut a terribly imposing figure if it weren’t for his obviously noble bearing and the Aldori dueling sword at his hip. His slightly shaggy mop of black hair has a tendency to fall more and more into his ice blue eyes the longer he is away from Brevoy. Though he often seems sullen, dressing all in black and keeping mostly to himself, those who draw him out into conversation rarely find him as ill tempered as they expected. Though headstrong, he does, for the most part, retain the manners and social graces of the Brevoy nobility. He may often be seen in the company of Victor, poring over sketches of fortifications and siege engines, or reading a Taldan bodice ripper novel.


If you want to know, ask him.

Lance Orlovsky

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