Nation of 'Our Nation'

The unnamed nation of the Greenbelt. It’s government is an oligarchy, the governing body consists of a major and minor council. Members of the major council are the five founding charter explorers.

The Major Council is as follows:
Speaker of the Council Rurik Farien
General Mesharis
Grand Diplomat Jathan
Magister Aria Rosebane
Sheriff Lance Orlovsky

The Minor Council is as follows:
Councilor Berhagen
High Priest Corson Wellson
Marshal Warden Akiros
Spy-master Unfilled
Treasurer Oleg Leveton
Captain of the Guard Kesten Garess

The Capital City is D’verek

Kingdom Status

Alignment : Lawful Neutral

Size : 72
Population : 12000
Economy : 86
Loyalty : 104
Stability : 81
Consumption: 0

Expansive Magical Protections
No Taxation
6 Festivals per Year

The Country Interior Contains the Following:
28 Farms
62 Roads
3 Mines
2 Forts
Kobold Settlement
Gold Mine
Fangberry Winery

The Country has settled the cities:

The Nation has also obtained the following cities:

The Greenbelt Nation has few festivals, they are tied either to exploits of the Major Council or the national deity, Erastil. The festivals are listed below:

The Werewolf Hunt Festival – A festival that follows the harvest to celebrate the capturing and later curing of a lycanthrope by the Major Council.

The Stag Hunt – A ritual hunt that occurs soon after the winter thaw to mark the taming of the lead stag of the herd by Rurik Farien.

Archer’s Day – At the start of Erastus, a day of competition takes place. Events are held and prizes are given to the winners.

Nation of 'Our Nation'

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