Tag: Farien Clan


  • Rurik Farien

    From the age of apprenticeship, Rurik was a horse caretaker for the nobles of Orlovsky, meeting a rebellious [[:lance-orlovsky | Lance]] who was a few years younger than he. Twelve years ago, he moved back to his home village and helped lead his clan. He …

  • Gavin Farien

    Gavin Farien is a cousin of Rurik, about five years his junior. He spends most his time as a wandering merchant, selling anything from wheat to armor. He has a wagon pulled by a draft horse, and has a bodyguard named Kolo (Female Half-orc Warrior).

  • Kateri Farien

    Kateri is the wife of Rurik Farien and mother of Efim, an eleven year old. She and her husband moved their household to the farmlands nearest to D'verek. Kateri is happy living in the rural lands but has a look of regret on occasion, especially while …

  • Efim Farien

    Efim is the son of Kateri and Rurik Farien. He grew up on the Farien clan farming village and is used to work, but is often attempting deceit to avoid responsibilities. While a kind and obedient son, he schemes to amuse himself and is the source of Rurik …