Rurik Farien

Human Male, Cavalier of the Star, Devotee of Erastil


Rurik Farien is a human man with short, roughly cut graying brown hair and green eyes. He grows a light beard and has a weathered face. Rurik wears clothing made from local wildlife and materials. After his return from the investigation of Varnhold, Rurik has scars crisscrossing his eyes. Rurik wields a bow that was given to the Major Council by the centaurs of the south.


From the age of apprenticeship, Rurik was a horse caretaker for the nobles of Orlovsky, meeting a rebellious Lance who was a few years younger than he. Twelve years ago, he moved back to his home village and helped lead his clan. He married Kateri Farien and she birthed a son Efim, shortly after. Many members of his farming village have moved to the new nation he helped found in the Stolen Lands.

After taking on the duties of Speaker of the Council and the various commitments of government work, Rurik has declined from joining the rest of the founding party on their forays into the wilderness. He wishes to focus on council matters and on spending his free time with his family.

Rurik Farien

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