Mesharis the Savage

Half Elf Male, Summoner, Slightly Unhinged Hunter and General of D'verek


Mesharis stands as a 6’ 2" half-elf with features much more representative of his elven blood. He is very hansome with a well toned, slender body. Dirty blonde hair falls just past his shoulders in a single braid with the exception of one small braid in front. Woven into the smaller braid is a shiny piece of stone. His face is clean shaven, which makes him look much more like an elf. The half-elf has adorned his body in tattoos, covering one side of his face and most of his exposed body. A longbow is his most used weapon aside from the otherworldly creature he is capable of summoning. The summoner now holds the title of General for the fledgeling nation of D’verek.

Called either beast or nightmare, the creature summoned lives up to the names. Six legs and a body roughly resemble the body and build of a wolf. That is where the similarities end though. Scaly hide, armored in sections by hard chitin, cover the body, tail and head of this creature. Long armored legs end in vicious claws and a powerful tail swings side to side. A massive maw filled with long sharp teeth that protrude from its mouth and smaller teeth aid in tearing its victims apart. Eye stocks stick out from the side of the creatures head with solid black orbs for eyes. Large nostrils constantly sniff the air as it moves along next to its counter part.


Mesharis the Savage

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