Efim Farien

Son of Rurik Farien


Efim has plain features like his mother with the exception of subtle fine traits that neither parents show. His hair is short and roughly cut with very dark coloration. The fourteen year old has the build of a youth spent helping farmers and caring for horses.


Efim is the son of Kateri and Rurik Farien. He grew up on the Farien clan farming village and is used to work, but is often attempting deceit to avoid responsibilities. While a kind and obedient son, he schemes to amuse himself and is the source of Rurik’s talent for seeing through deception.

As a result of moving to the Stolen Lands, and his father becoming more and more distant, he has become more rebellious and reckless. He and a new friend of his, Tig, went looking for adventure on a raft and ended up captured and nearly eaten by lizardmen. After being rescued by his father and his companions, he has restricted his movements to the Farien farms and D’verek, building a “fort” with the help of his “cohorts” under a newly planted willow near the guildhouse.

Efim Farien

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